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    Delusional Saints

    Evil looms over the people. Their faith will be tested. Who will emerge victorious? Life in the Midwest is seemingly perfect for the church family Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church 'congregation' until they are called upon to face the most important battle of their lives. Satan has reared his ugly head, intent on destroying His people. Four tight-knit families and the local congregation will face an evil like they've never known. Led by Ashshod, God's head angel, the group must bear the armor of God to protect His people and prevent Satan and his minions from destroying all they hold dear. Do they have what it takes to stop Greed and his imps in their tracks? Is their faith strong enough to prevail before the unthinkable becomes a reality? Delusional Saints is a heart-racing thriller, filled with page-turning suspense, drama, faith, and gut-wrenching emotion. Paperback $14.95 304 Pages. E-book $5.99    
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    Spiritual Warfare / Coming in July

    Carpenter's Press & Media. Inc. A complete comprehensive Bible study lesson plan for adults. One teacher manual and 5 student hand books. Spiritual Warfare Book Coming in July