Dr. Sheila C. Carpenter has released her Next Novel “Delusional Saints”

This novel is promised to be a thrilling, dramatic, suspense page-turner about good vs. evil engaged in life-changing spiritual warfare.

Alpharetta, Georgia, PRWEB, Tuesday, April 5, 2017 : Dr. Sheila C. Carpenter’s latest novel named Delusional Saints has been released.

She is the author of books like Forgive Me, The Christian Walk: The Struggle to Remain on the Path, and Hunter And The God Squad and is confident that her new novel will also be able to spread the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ in a thrilling and engaging manner. 

“I am very happy with the way Delusional Saints has turned out.  It is surely going to be a treat for the regular followers of my books. Best thing about this novel is that it is developed with highly engaging and thrilling moments describing God’s Gospel without being preachy,” says the author.

She revealed that the book is about four Midwestern families and a local congregation embarking on heavy spiritual warfare that will bring life changing impact. It deals with Ashshod, God’s head angel and how he and along with the other arch angels sent by God to protect these chosen Christians spiritually and emotionally for the battle of there lives. However, Satan has his own plans and will stop at nothing to destroy God’s people.

Dr. Sheila C. Carpenter also said that her novel has every ingredient to hook the readers. “I am confident that the readers will find this story exciting and intriguing the way a story should be told its truly going to entice the reader.  Delusional Saints will remind us of a very old saying  that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual wickedness, misuse of powers, wrong principalities and rulers of darkness.”

The video promo of the novel is already been launched and according to the team associated with the promo its generating great responses. Later, the movie will be accompanying this novel.

“I have recently come across the promo of Delusional Saints on Facebook and I am quite excited about it. I have always been a fan of Dr. Carpenter’s work.  I was eagerly waiting to download this e-book on Amazon,” says Rosalina D’Souza, Florida. 

Carpenter’s Press & Media, Inc is bringing Delusional Saints this Christian Fictional Novel to a hole different level!

About Dr. Sheila C. Carpenter: Dr. Sheila C. Carpenter is the Chief Executive Officer of Carpenter’s Press & Media, Inc, which is a Christian company.

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